eMoods October 2020 Newsletter – Fall is here, and so is Multimoods!

eMoods October 2020 Newsletter – Fall is here, and so is Multimoods!

Announcing Multi mood tracking in eMoods Insights!

At last!  After tons of requests for “multi moods per day” tracking, it’s finally here.  Made for rapid cyclers or anyone else who wants a finer degree of tracking symptoms throughout the day, you can now enable “Intraday Logging” on eMoods Insights from the settings screen.

Once you’ve logged a number of multi-moods, you’ll be able to go to the calendar or graph and decide whether to show the average mood for that day, the high/low, or the most logged.  Later next year, all of this data will feed into eMoods Insights statistical models to allow you to make comparisons between factors such as medication or weather to see how it affects your average or high/low moods.


How to Enable Intraday Logging

You can enable “Intraday Logging” on eMoods Insights from the settings screen.

Intraday setting

Once you switch on Multiple per day, you’ll be asked to confirm your switch, which will copy all of your singular moods to a single entry for that day.

Confirm intraday setting

Now, you can add a mood entry once per half-hour throughout the day.

Switching back to Once Per Day Logging

Switching back to ‘One per day’ mood logging is also simple, but you’ll have to choose which aggregate of your moods to switch to: you can carry over the highest, lowest, or average.

Disable multimoods


Testimonial from Adam B


Star Charts and Routine Task Management by Kate

I recently went through a period of ‘Do-Nothings’, where life chores were simultaneously overwhelming and incredibly mundane. Will-powering through it wasn’t working, so I borrowed a parenting trick from a friend and modified it. Cue a throwback to kindergarten: the star chart.

The premise is simple: create a bingo-like grid of tasks I need or should do on the regular.

Then weigh each task by how difficult, important, or hated it is, and assign a star value. Then set a star total goal for the week.

Gold stars were worth the most. Two silver stars made a gold, two bronze stars made a silver. I printed it and stuck it on the fridge, and throughout the week I’d put a magnet to mark which tasks I’ve done, then tally at the end of the week for that weird human sense of achievement. 

Star chart example

Choosing how to earn my stars gives me leeway and flexibility for bad weeks and good– even on my worst day, I can probably muster enough energy to earn a star with an art or by ringing up family for much neglected socializing.

By tracking my day-to-day tasks, I found that I was actually bad at Doing Nothing. I was doing more than I gave myself credit for.

Having it laid out on the star chart helped tremendously in reminding myself of that. With data. Irrefutable data. Data that let me see how much I front-loaded my week and why, by Friday, I was a slug.

Tracking- it’s a theme with eMoods, and for good reason. It works. As a bonus, this method of routine task tracking keeps infrequent tasks on my radar (my poor fish).


Love you, RGB
Kate here again, with a few words to honor a personal heroine of mine.  My father affectionately refers to her as “Ruth Gator Binsburg”.  It’s ruined me.  I have to stop and think it through every time. RBG. Not RGB.

Yet, I’ve come to believe that she would have appreciated the ‘gator’ bit.  People respect a gator.  People give gators space and time, and gators make very convincing arguments.

I adopted RBG as my hero after listening to an episode of the Radiolab podcast More Perfect.

Once upon a time in 1976 in Oklahoma, USA, 18-year-old women could buy beer, but men had to be 21. Representing an under-21-year-old student’s complaint of sexism, RBG took it to the Supreme Court and turned it into a landmark win for gender equality through shrewd, quiet, irrefutable logic.

She was a true hero of compassionate justice from start to finish in her life, and she will be missed. May her memory be a blessing, and forever in the annals of human rights history, RGB. I want all my nieces to be you when they grow up.

– Kate