eMoods Wellness Tracker

Log your daily outlook, routines, and habits effortlessly in seconds. 

eMoods Wellness Tracker is a simple tool that can help you track your overall well-being and build supportive routines and healthy habits, while helping you visualize your progress with graphs.

eMoods wellness log screen

eMoods Wellness Tracker Features

Free to Use

We developed eMoods Wellness to be an accessible health and wellness tool, and although paid upgrades are available, the base app is free to use for everyone!

Privacy is Paramount

Simply put, your privacy matters to us. No registration, no cloud storage, and no data EVER leaves your device without your permission.

Totally Offline Data Storage

eMoods Wellness lets you log your data completely offline. There is no login and data is stored only on your device.

Printable Reports

Export or email a report at the end of each month for you, a friend or family member, or your therapist to help you identify habits, triggers, or other patterns that affect your overall well-being.

Mood & Symptom Diary

Track your daily outlook, motivation, habits, sleep, medications, and other factors that may impact your mental health.

Custom Tracking Points

Toggle on/off eMoods built-in data points to track what you want on your daily view, add medications or substances, and create completely custom tracking points to suit your lifestyle and routine.

eMoods graphs screen

Download eMoods Wellness Tracker

eMoods Wellness Tracker is available on Android in the Google Play Store, and for iPhone in the App Store.

eMoods Wellness Tracker is a free Mood Tracker app that lets you easily chart your daily outlook, habits, goals, sleep, medications, and other factors that contribute to your overall wellbeing. The app allows you to view graphs of your data and export print-ready charts, making it simple to take control of your wellness and develop healthy, supportive habits.

This app does not provide medical advice or treatment. If you are experiencing any kind of emergency, dial 911 immediately, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States at 1-800-273-8255. If you are outside of the US, find a list of hotlines in your country  here.