eMoods Pricing

eMoods will always offer a free level that provides granular mood tracking features plus rich charts, reminders, resources, printable and email reports, with weather and daylight insights. Enhanced and Pro levels offer additional features that let you customize your measurement options, dashboard, and increase logging detail.

Always Free

Great tracking at no cost
  • All mood tracking features
  • Rich charts and visualizations
  • Printable and email reports
  • Weather and daylight insights
  • Tracking reminders


Includes all free features
$ 50 Per Year
(or $5 / month)
  • All free features plus the following
  • Custom tracking points
  • Configurable dashboard
  • Multiple users per account
  • SMS alerts and reminders
  • Share live data with a friend


Includes all enhanced features
$ 100 Per Year
(or $10 / month)
  • All free and enhanced features plus the following
  • Full dashboard customization
  • Even more custom tracking points, including emojis and auto-counters
  • Send more SMS alerts
  • Share your profile with more people
  • More users per account
  • Access to all future features