Track your mood and other symptoms effortlessly in seconds.

eMoods is a free Mood Tracker app that lets you easily chart your daily highs and lows, sleep, medications, and other symptoms related to Bipolar and other common mood disorders.

Send printable reports to your doctor and receive valuable insights about your triggers and mood patterns.

Which eMoods app is right for you?

eMoods Reporting

eMoods Reporting lets you log your data completely offline, and print a monthly chart to show your doctor.

There is no login and data is stored only on your device.

  • Offline Data Storage - Data stays on your device
  • Mobile Only - no login required
  • Export your data whenever you want
  • Generates monthly reports for your doctor

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eMoods Insights

eMoods Insights lets you sync your data between devices and gives you rich charts and insights into your data.

A login is required, but your data remains yours and yours alone- Your privacy is paramount.

  • Cloud Data Storage & Backups
  • Syncs to all your devices
  • Share your data with a doctor, therapist, or family member
  • Rich visualizations, charts, and insights

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