T2 Mood Tracker vs emoods

T2 Mood Tracker vs. eMoods

T2 Mood Tracker is a mood-tracking app developed by DHA Connected Health. It is designed to help users track their psychological health and symptoms following a traumatic brain injury and share the data with their healthcare provider.

Logging your mood with T2 Mood Tracker is a multi-step process. They offer a handful of default categories such as Anxiety, Depression, and Stress. Each category is made up of ten subcategories.

The average of your answers to each of these subcategories is plotted as a single point on a graph ranging from low to high. Each category (Anxiety, depression etc.) is given a place on the graph so users can see correlations and trends in their moods over time.

T2 Mood Tracker vs emoods
T2 Mood Tracker vs emoods

Comparing T2 Mood Tracker to eMoods

With eMoods, there is one question for each category, allowing users to log their mood and move on with their day with minimal distractions. In addition to mood tracking, both apps give you the option to add time stamped notes throughout the day.

Because emotions aren’t made in a vacuum, it’s important to track not only them, but also what might be influencing them. T2 Mood Tracker recognizes this and lets you sync the app with your Fitbit to show the correlations between your moods and exercise. Both apps give you the option to create your own custom tracking points.

When you log any data with T2 Mood Tracker, it is done with a gradient slider.

eMoods gets more specific by offering tracking via numerical values, yes/no answers and a gradient scale. The idea is that by getting more specific, over time eMoods could help reduce the frequency of care visits with the care provider’s approval. T2 Mood Tracker offers some great features but eMoods helps you get to the bottom of your moods, and that can make all the difference.

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