MoodKit vs emoods

MoodKit vs. eMoods

MoodKit is an app that utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help users apply effective strategies of professional psychology into their everyday life. It offers many features including activities, a thought checker, mood tracker, and journal.

The Mood Tracker allows users to log how they are feeling on any given day. Users can rate their mood on a scale of 1 through 10, 1 being the “Worst it’s ever been” and 10 being the “Best it’s ever been”. The results are plotted on a chart that’s shareable via email.

The Activities section provides a range of activities a user can commit to. There are categories like productivity, social, and healthy habits. Inside each category are instructions for an activity such as, “Reach out to someone you’ve fallen out of touch with.” The Thoughts section asks the user a question and then a series of follow up questions to help them understand their emotions. The Journal section is a place for users to write about whatever is on their mind and also offers prompts.

MoodKit vs emoods
MoodKit vs emoods

Comparing MoodKit to eMoods

MoodKit is a very impressive app and a great resource for those interested in using CBT to make changes in their lives. However, if you are someone who has bipolar or another common mood disorder, eMoods can help you track your mood and treatment simultaneously.

While both apps offer mood tracking, eMoods allows its users to set up custom tracking points to see correlations between their mood and things like sleep and talk therapy and share the results with their doctor. This empowers users to be the captain of their ship and see what improves their mood and what doesn’t. eMoods doesn’t have as many features as MoodKit and that allows users to log their moods with minimal distractions so they can move on with their day. MoodKit certainly has its strong points but if you have a common mood disorder and want a way to track your mood and treatment, eMoods is an excellent tool.

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