iMoodJournal vs emoods

iMoodJournal vs. eMoods

iMoodJournal is a “…journal, personal diary and mood charting tool.” There are four different pages to the app. The first is Capture and this is where all of the input happens. Users are presented with a color graded mood scale with ten options ranging from 1: couldn’t be worse to 10: really great.

When you click on the corresponding option for how you’re feeling, another page pops up where you can add notes, attach photos, use custom hashtags and chart your location. Users can log as many times as they’d like each day. This information is searchable under the History page. The Summary tab provides graphs and charts for your data and individual tracking charts for each hashtag.

The Map page tracks your location. Users can also set reminders, backup their data to Dropbox, sync with iCloud and export their data to email as either a PDF or CSV.

iMoodJournal vs emoods
iMoodJournal vs emoods

Comparing iMoodJournal to eMoods

A big difference between eMoods and other mood trackers is the amount of features. iMoodJournal is a journal, mood tracker, and personal diary. eMoods is a mood tracker. There are minimal distractions with eMoods because the app is so focused. When users log their information, all of their tracking points are displayed on one page. The same is true for the charts and graphs.

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Above all else, eMoods values privacy. Each user’s data is stored only on the mobile device it was recorded, never on the cloud. The only people that have access are you, anyone that has access to your phone, and whoever you share it with.

If you’re looking for overall insight into your life through journaling and custom tracking, iMoodJournal is a good tool. If you have a mood disorder and want to track daily highs and lows, sleep, medications, and communicate better with your doctor, eMoods is an excellent resource.

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