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This app does not provide medical advice or treatment and should only be used under the supervision of a licensed professional. If you are experiencing any kind of emergency, dial 911 immediately, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States at 1-800-273-8255. If you are outside of the US, find a list of hotlines in your country here.

Track your mood, change your life

When used along with the care of your doctor, mood tracking can be a valuable part of your treatment.

Symptom Tracking

Track daily highs and lows, sleep, medications, and other symptoms related to Bipolar/Manic Depressive illness.

Printable Reports

Email a report at the end of each month to your doctor or caregiver to help you identify triggers or other events that could lead to an episode or relapse.

Free to Use

Originally developed in 2010 out of a respect for the Bipolar community, eMoods continues to be free for all.

Privacy is Paramount

Simply put, your privacy matters to us. No registration, and no data EVER leaves your device without your permission.

What people are saying

I'm following up with my therapist, my psychologist, and primary care doctor within the next week. I feel so empowered to have an organized report to hand over to each of them. It's going to assist them in my care. Your app is now an integral part of my well-being monitoring. I can't imagine my life wihout it. - Mechelle L.

Thank you so much for making this app. Its just what I need, and I'm so grateful to have a tool like this to help get an objective view of something so subjective. [...] The convenience of doing this on my phone means the difference between actually DOING IT, and just thinking that it would be a good thing to start. You're helping me improve my life. - Colleen C.

This is great!! My dr. and therapist is always wanting me to track my moods and papers just get list...this is super easy to that I can email my dr a report...great app!!!! - Heather L.

The three page report is awesome and made this app my go to tracking app. - Scot H.

Managing your mood just became easier and more effective.

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