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Our eMoods services offer a reminder system to help with prompt tracking of mood, managing medications, and daily thoughts.

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Tracking Medications in eMoods

Medications, supplements, and even caffeine or sugar can have a notable impact on mood and behavior. Correlating these changes need precise tracking, but not all medications are taken daily or in consistent dosages.

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Tracking Psychotic Symptoms

The psychotic symptoms checkbox is used to indicate whether you experienced psychosis for that day. The symptoms of psychosis or a psychotic episode will differ between individuals... you’ll want to review the definition as it applies to your situation with your medical professional(s).

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Reactivating Your Patron Status

If you’re having difficulty reactivating your patron status, please be sure you’re logged in to the account which made the purchase (your AppleID or your google account).

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eMoods Pricing - Free vs Paid

We’ve offered our eMoods tracker for free at its basic level since inception in 2010 and rely on voluntary patronage to keep it going. For those who find our app useful in identifying and managing their symptoms, we offer an optional Patronage or ‘Pro’ plan as a way to help support continued development.

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How to View a Shared Profile in eMoods Insights

eMoods Insights allows users to not only share PDFs reports of their data, but also provide real time access to another person.

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