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Tracking Points

A 'tracking point' is a data point of something you want to keep an eye on with your daily activity log. For example, one user tracks how many cups of coffee she has per day and whether they engaged in cardio, as these are two factors that contribute heavily to her daily well being.

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Restoring Data via iCloud Phone Backup - iPhone users Only

If you are utilizing the Cloud phone backup system, you may be able to recover your eMoods data by rolling back to your latest iCloud backup.

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Troubleshooting Your App

Things to try if your app is behaving strangely, and how to report it.

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Cancelling My Subscription from an iOS device

How to cancel an Apple (iPhone, iPad) eMoods patron/pro subscription.

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Sharing Data between Devices

Your eMoods data is synced per device; this is done for privacy reasons so that you have full control of where and how your data is stored, without risking the vulnerabilities of cloud storage. If you want to create back ups or share from one device to another, you’ll want to utilize our export/import feature.

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Interpreting the Monthly Report

How to interpret the printed monthly PDF report. This is the report that you are encouraged to share with your doctor.

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