Why can't I log multiple moods a day?
eMoods charts extreme moods and other symptoms on a daily basis so that your doctor or therapist can get a simple and quick look at your monthly daily extremes. In addition, keeping the app as simple as possible will make it more likely that people will stick with their mood logging for the long run.
How can I transfer my patronage from one Android phone to another?
Please contact support and we'll be happy to help.
What happens when my patronage expires (Android) or I cancel (iPhone)?
The installed app still retains all of your data which is forever available on monthly reports and CSV exports.
How do I automatically check medications each day without having to actually check them off?
There is an option on the settings screen to automatically check medications that you take every day.
What happens if I miss a day?
If the app is opened on a given day, at a minimum you'll need to log your sleep, pyschotic symptoms checkbox, verbal therapy checkbox, and make sure the right medications are checked off. Not checking off a symptom will appear as "uncharted" on the pdf report for that day. Sleep, medications, psychotic symptoms, and verbal therapy will only appear as "uncharted" on the report if the app wasn't opened for that day.
How do I access the CSV files on the data export?
Download the .emoods file to your computer and rename it with a .zip extension. The CSV files are contained in there.
Can I go back to the dark colors of the original Android version?
Yes, there is an option on the Android version settings screen to do this.