For Doctors & Therapists

We are busy working on a new version of eMoods designed specifically for mental health practices and their patients/clients.

  • Programmable patient and caregiver alerts based on symptom thresholds
  • Fully customizeable symptoms and reminders
  • Tone and emotional analysis of user notes
  • Predictive analysis of user symptoms
  • Fully encrypted offline graphing tool with date range comparison
  • Unlimited patients per practice
  • All configuration via provider web interface and QR code scanning- patient data is still fully offline with no cloud storage

We are in search of several pilot partners for this project to help us further refine the feature set and get early access to the tool.

To inquire about becoming a pilot partner we ask that you please fill out this survey:

We will try very hard to get a reply to you within 24 hours.

Thank you very much; we look forward to working with you!