My name is Jon and I created eMoods in 2010 with the mission to automate mood charting and make this task as seamless as possible for patients and doctors. I was diagnosed Bipolar I in 2003 and I was inspired by a paper chart that my doctor printed for me to use each month. I thought an app would be a more practical, on-demand method of tracking my symptoms.

In the last decade I have achieved relative emotional balance and found success in a career as a software developer, also founding my own company, Yottaram LLC. Married to a wonderful woman since 2012, I have one young son, a dog, ducks, and bees at my house at the edge of the woods in Maine.

I believe strongly in the “don’t make me think” philosophy of User Experience design. I feel a deep respect for users and strive to make eMoods as functional as possible while minimally interrupting people’s lives. I understand from my own experience that sharing this kind of personal data with an app can be nerve-racking, and as a result I ensure that users’ data remains only on their phone and is never stored in any cloud service.

My long-term vision for the app is to use Machine Learning to make it observe patterns of the user, and with the guidance of that user’s doctor, try to make predictions in an effort to minimize future episodes. In order to further this research and development, we have a voluntary patronage option in the app, which will allow me to continue adding useful features to help change people’s lives for the better.